Put A Bird On It!

Scrolling through decor blog Casa Sugar the other day, I found the most interesting post on a smoke detector, yep that's right a smoke detector! One wouldn't think to spend much time to write on something so mundane, but this little birdie has a secret to share.

"Designed by artist Louise van der Veld, the Chick-a-Dee smoke detector was developed through a Dutch design contest that aimed to raise raise public awareness of fire hazards in and around the home. 

For design lovers, the Chick-a-Dee provides a smoke detector that's a joy to look at in your home — not a liability. And who can argue with a chirping, rather than beeping and screeching, smoke alarm? At the first sign of smoke, the Chick-a-Dee makes the chick-a-dee-dee call of the bird it's named after, with the call's volume increasing and turning into a loud dee-dee-dee sound if smoke thickens.The Chick-a-Dee comes with a battery with a one-and-a-half-year battery life and a three-year warranty.

You can buy one online for around $79 US, or wait until the product hits the virtual and real US shelves this month."


Look Ma, I Can Cook!

The ways around a kitchen have always been a bit intimidating for a gal like me, until two very important rescue aide's came in to my life... 1. The Crock Pot and 2. McCormick Recipe Inspirations. 

I have to thank my sister Kindra for the crock pot (it was my Christmas present) and my mother-in-law Margie for the McCormick Recipe Inspirations, which is what I'm dying to share with you fine folks. 

The new McCormick Recipe Inspirations collection puts flavorful twists on traditional recipes that will impress everyone at your dinner table. Recipe Inspirations makes trying McCormick’s best recipes fun and easy. Each packet includes pre-measured McCormick spices and herbs and a collectible recipe card. With just a few of your own fresh ingredients, you’ve got inspiration to make a memorable meal any night of the week.

Apple and pork chops shown below is my absolute favorite! You have try these out! 


Rodarte You Steal My Hearte

I don't know if it was the recent Vogue cover story with Taylor Swift (who was syled in all Rodarte) or the Spring 2012 runway show inspired by a dreamlike Van Gogh painting, but the duo designers (who are also sisters) of Rodarte have stolen my high-fashion heart.

It may be cold outside, but I have serious Spring fever when it comes to this collection. Here to enjoy are a few photos from the Vogue cover story as well as their runway show. It's a fashion fantasy and yours at your fingertips!


Baby I Got The (Dry Skin) Blues

Baby oil is not just for babies, but for us adults as well. With the drastic change in weather for me, a California girl, I needed a quick moisturizing fix that would do the trick.

With all the many formulas and products out there, I went back to my diaper days and opted for an inexpensive bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil and it moisturized my skin just the same!



Do we have another Missoni situation on our hands? Launching February 5th, the highly coveted line by genius designer Jason Wu will hit Target like a fashion freight train. Set your alarm ladies this design line is one to get up early for. Prices ranging from just $19.99 to $59.99.